At MMT Aesthetics Clinic, we offer a wide range of skin care treatments.


A three-part process consisting of cleansing, exfoliating and infusing skin with intensiveserums. This process moisturizes, brightens, plumps and protects the skin.

What is hydra facial?

It’s a medical-grade hydradermabrasion device that carries out a patented three-partregimen — cleansing, exfoliating, and then infusing skin with intensive serums. This gentler approach vacuums out pores while simultaneously pushing in potent actives, which moisturize, brighten, plump, and protect.


At MMT, we use 3 different products to target different condition for acne skin. The treatment should help reduce redness and inflammation, and help the skin rebalance. With regular treatments, future acne breakouts may be minimized.


Anti-aging facials that include stem cells treatments, collagen-infused serums, and hyaluronic acid with latest technology infusion can restore the skin’s firmness and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Getting these facials regularly can help to keep your skin looking fresh, supple, smooth and young.

Brightening Therapy

The core ingredient of our Signature Brightening Therapy is Reishi mushroom and here are some properties in Reishi mushroom which is excellent for skin care:

1. Beta-glucans
Beta-glucans are particularly concentrated in Reishi mushrooms.

This contributes to the immune stimulation and anti-tumour properties of the Reishi mushroom, and from a skincare perspective, is great for reducing itching and redness from acne and other breakouts, resulting in a much smoother and toned complexion.

Furthermore, beta-glucans are also thought to help with collagen regeneration, assisting with skin elasticity.

2. Anti-oxidants
Reishi is famous for its super-elevated levels of anti-oxidants and is a powerful scavenger of free radicals that cause cell damage and signs of premature aging.

With its high anti-oxidant levels, Reishi mushroom is a great aid for fighting off sun damage and wrinkles from cell breakdown, helping to maintain healthy skin.

3. Anti-Inflammatory
The anti-inflammatory effects of Reishi are well known and play a large role in the prevention of chronic disease in the body, helping with a large range of illnesses including arthritis and hyperglycemia.

When using Reishi for skincare, these anti-inflammatory properties are particularly useful for helping treat acne, reducing the severity of and duration of the redness, irritation and itching.