At MMT Aesthetics Clinic, we offer a wide range of Skin Booster.

The idea of us rewinding time, back to a moment in our lives where our skin is plump, dewy and youthful seems like an impossible dream. But with our current technology and groundbreaking beauty treatments, this dream doesn’t seem that far-fetched after all.Does your skin still feel dry, dull and dehydrated even after regular application of moisturizers?If so, our skin boosters in the form of micro-injections of hyaluronic acid can help to hydrate and improve your overall skin texture. Skin boosters are a form of facial skin rejuvenation that can help restore moisture into dehydrated skin, enabling a plumping effect that has an immediate visual effect once it is injected into the skin. Our skin boosters help to provide long-lasting, intensified hydration from within the skin.

These skin booster fillers are vastly different from dermal fillers. While dermal fillers help to enhance certain features on our faces, skin boosters help to increase and improve the quality of our skin. Our skin booster fillers are formulated with antioxidants to help combat external environment factors - like air pollution that can speed ageing.

It is also filled with vitamins that can help brighten and boost the production of collagen and elastin to help you restore that healthy-looking, glowing and plump skin. The deposits of skin boosters help to boost fibroblast activity under the skin, and these fibroblast cells are responsible for collagen production. This helps to improve skin elasticity - combating signs of ageing.

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Skin boosters can also help with skin restoration as it helps accelerate wound healing and reduces skin inflammation. Visible skin quality changes include texture, elasticity and firmness of the skin. It also helps to improve the other imperfections that can be found on your skin.

Clinics offering skin booster in Singapore are not uncommon. It is widely received by all who would like a quick pick-me-up from time to time to help improve skin texture and maintain that plump, supple, dewy and youthful glow of your skin. Our skin boosters are FDA-approved and

Skin boosters are non-invasive and require little to no downtime at all. Slight bumps might be visible right after the treatment but they will gradually disappear after a few days. Results vary with every individual - results usually start to show after 1-2 weeks.