What Is The Fotona 4D Skin Tightening Procedure And How Does It Work?

The term “4D” in Fotona 4D refers to the four various treatments that this technology may provide. SmoothLiftin, Frac3, Piano, and SupErficial are the treatments available, and each can provide a unique benefit. It is essentially a 4-step laser treatment that uses lasers operating at two different wavelengths (Er:YAG and Nd:YAG)

Patients can entirely tailor their treatments and determine which of these aesthetic enhancements they would most benefit from during a consultation with a licensed Fotona 4D specialist.

The first thing to remember about Fotona 4D Laser treatments is that they are absolutely non-surgical and non-invasive, yet they provide results that are comparable to more rigorous procedures.

Fotona 4D, for example, has been compared to a typical (surgical) facelift or a dermal filler injection in terms of providing more volume and refinement to the face. Unlike these injections, Fotona 4D involves no injections or incisions and lasts much longer, allowing you to reap the benefits for years—the effects of dermal fillers, on the other hand, often last only six months to two years depending on the type and application.

MMT Aesthetics Clinic is a premium provider for the Fotona laser in Singapore if you are seeking treatment for your skin deficiencies. After a session, patients can expect many benefits including lifted and tightened skin, improved skin elasticity and less pronounced wrinkles. Last but not least, a brightening of skin tone can be experienced too.

Without further ado, let us go into each stage of the 4D laser technique and what that entails.


SupErficial skin polishing is a very mild laser peel technique. This Fotona process is fantastic for reducing the amount of flaws on the skin’s surface areas, making it a great way to minimize the number of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases that are tough to treat with other methods. It also gives the skin a polished, smoothed appearance, which promotes a youthful appearance.


Frac3 skin rejuvenation is a Fotona method and part of the Fotona 4D and 3D procedures that can reduce or eliminate skin imperfections, some of which may have been thought to be permanent by some patients or practitioners—and, like all Fotona treatments, it works on patients of all pigmentation levels. Frac3 can be used to treat dark spots (such liver spots or sun damage), flushing, and acne scarring. The skin’s general texture and look will be improved.


SmoothLiftin is an intraoral tightening procedure that uses Fotona to help the cheeks and surrounding areas become tighter and more voluminous, giving them a “plumpness” comparable to dermal fillers (though of course much longer-lasting, as we explored above). This is done by “bulk heating”, which is used to induce collagen contraction and synthesis from within the oral cavity, resulting in intra-oral tightness. There is no ablation and very minor discomfort. Skin uplifting and tightening for the nasolabial folds, midface region, chin, cheeks, and mouth are the main benefits.


Piano skin tightening is a one-of-a-kind use of Fotona laser technology that stimulates the body’s and face’s natural collagen production. It tightens the skin by heating it from the outside, boosting the skin temperature to a level that is ideal for collagen stimulation and skin tightening. The process causes the body to create more collagen, which will give the patient a more youthful and vibrant appearance. Results are frequently seen immediately, and there is little to no downtime, like with all Fotona treatments.

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As you’ve seen, Fotona 4D Laser has a lot of advantages. If you’re interested in learning more about how sophisticated laser skin resurfacing technology can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, the first step is to contact a local medical practitioner. If you live in Singapore or you’ll be in the area soon, consider making the same choice as many Singaporean men and women—not to mention countless individuals from abroad—and contact our professionals at MMT Aesthetics Clinic, where we provide the procedure of fotona laser in Singapore under the safest guidelines. Our trained beauticians can provide you with answers about Fotona 4D as they pertain to your unique anatomy, needs, and goals.

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